Xtal Light 200/210

XtalLight 200/210 is a fully automated desktop imaging system. It is designed for imaging standard crystallization plates at high speed in high quality. Quick operation, high-quality output and ease of use are its features. The system can be updated to be a high-performance DLS device. All data are stored and accessible by an integrated SQL database.

Crystal Hit Identification

For rapid identification of crystallization hits, quick and uncomplicated access to acquired imaging data is of the same significance as fast data acquisition. The GUI of XtalLight 200/210 is designed to fulfil both purposes.

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Bright Light and UV-Imaging in LCP

Bright - and UV-light imaging enables localization of protein contents and distinguishing salt from protein crystals.

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Automated Drop Finding

LCP-Plates consist of 96 well plates with circular wells being 5 mm in diameter. Although most dispensing systems place the LCP sample quite centered, at a certain magnification the LCP drop gets off the field of vision. Hence, an automated drop localization system based on pattern recognition is a key feature. It enables automated imaging at high magnification for even the smallest crystal identifications.

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Trace Fluorescence Imaging

This type of fluorescence imaging is based on specific protein labelling with covalently bound fluorophores.

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Applications (PDF files)

Intrinsic Fluorescence Imaging

Trace Fluorescence Imaging

Aptamer Identification

– LCP Crystal Identification


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