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Is a technology company founded 2012 in Hamburg, which focuses on the development, production and commercialization of measuring instruments for the characterization of nano- and microparticles in liquids.

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Inadvertent reverse Vapor Diffusion in robotically loaded Plates
April 15, 2024

Inadvertent reverse Vapor Diffusion in robotically loaded Plates

From time to time, especially in winter when the air is drier than usual, it’s interesting to make an observation on the images of a crystallization screen. On the first image, taken immediately after loading the plate, the drop looks like a heavily precipitated drop. A few days later, however, the drop looks clear. How […]

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Adenoviral Vector Analysis via in plate DLS
October 9, 2023

Adenoviral Vector Analysis via in plate DLS

The sample: Adenoviral mRNA Vectors

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Monomer and Oligomer Distinction
October 6, 2023

Monomer and Oligomer Distinction

Dimer/Hexamer Transition Monitoring via in situ DLS          

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“The work of half a year in less than one week”

“Fast and flexible measurement of different protein samples. Extreme high throughput due to the use of 72-well plates. The work of half a year can be performed in less than one week. Furthermore, the imaging system combined with an UV-source is a powerful tool, to quickly scan and document standard crystallization plates.”

“A high throughput measurement with minimal protein sample”

“I tested protein samples prepared for SAXS in the DLS SpectroLight600 for verification of monodispersity and concentration behaviour. The molecular weight data fitted my expectations and the results for the hydrodynamic radius were in agreement with the guinier radius.”

“Very good Handling”

“The distribution spetra looked very good and the handling with the Terisaki-plates allowed high-throughput measurement with minimal protein sample. All things considered, it is a very nice tool for checking protein quality and analyze the overall protein size.”

“Very great to monitor Samples via DLS”

“This machine really help us a lot. Because, this is the first time that we purify our protein, and we don’t know the proper buffer condition. We performed the short and long time scale DLS, from which we found proper buffer for the protein purification.”

Very powerful tool to screen fast and efficently

“The SpectroLight600 is a very powerful tool to screen various buffers and crystallization conditions fast and efficiently. The use of 96-well plates facilitate a pipeline approach to screen for optimal conditions.”

“Speed Boost for Sample Quality Checks”

“In one week we could perform the same amount of experiments which would have normally took 6 month with a standard cuvette machine.”

Adjustment and concentration series far more easy

“The machine is in principle easy to use and I really appreciate the possibility to prepare 72 samples with only 1 microlitre on one plate at a time instead of washing a cuvette after each measurements. This makes buffer adjustment and concentration series far more easy!”

Beeindruckt von der Schnelligkeit

“Ich war beeindruckt von der Schnelligkeit der Messungen und wie rasch eine 96-well Platte durchgemessen wurde. Die Möglichkeit, die Messdauer einstellen zu können und dabei simultan bereits vorliegende Daten einzusehen fand ich auch sehr gut. So ließ sich Experiment quasi begleiten bei guter Dateneinsicht.”

“Monitoring Protein Autolysis but…”

“One more comment is that if machine can cool down to 4-6 ℃ quickly, it will be very great to monitor the DLS of the autolysis protein in a long time scale. Overall, this machine is really great to help us find the proper buffer from my own experience.”