Innovation in Particle Characterization

Xtal Concepts GmbH

Xtal Concepts GmbH is a technology company founded in 2012 in Hamburg, with a focus on the development, production and sales of measuring instruments for the characterization of nano- and microparticles in liquids.

Besides imaging techniques such as the VIS- and UV-Imaging, the core know-how is dynamic light scattering, which allows measuring of particle sizes in liquid mediums in the submicroscopic spectrum, ranging between ~1 – 5000 nm.

These laboratory instruments are traded to research facilities worldwide. Thus, most customers are public institutions and pharmaceutical companies.

Among standard systems, Xtal Concepts is also developing customized systems for public research facilities e.g. European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Hamburg or the European Space Agency (ESA).

As part of many research projects, new technologies are developed, based on the light scattering methods, which will also be used in future serial products.