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July 5, 2022

Xtal Concepts will exhibit at the ECM 33 in Versailles, France from 23-27 August 2022

We’ll provide an introduction to Cutting Edge Dynamic Light Scattering Technologies and Applications

In common crystallization methods, all ingredients and thermodynamics are set at the moment of closing the system. Hence the pathway through the phase diagram is determined. But how about a system that enables interventions at all times with simultaneous monitoring of the particle arrangement on a molecular level? A device exists, it is called “XtalController” and it can do exactly that. Prototype versions of XtalControllers were in use by pilot customers for almost a decade now with amazing success. Based on their experiences, we’re currently redesigning the system. We’ll present the new concept of a commercially available XtalController at the 33rd European Crystallographic Meeting 2022.

33th European Crystallographic Meeting 2022