Meet us at the PSDI

by Arne Meyer (comments: 0)

Meet us at the PSDI in Cambridge November 12th-14th 2017

The meeting will take place at the Hilton Cambridge City Centre. The meeting will begin on Sunday 12 - Tuesday 14 November, 2017.

The meeting will consist of a mixed programme of scientific workshops and sessions from speakers from both industry and academia.

The scientific workshops will be taking place on the afternoon of the 12th of November. There will be four workshops (two in parallel) covering the following topics: X-ray Crystallography, Cryo-Electron Microscopy, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Biophysical methods & characterization (MS, ITC & SPR). Each workshop will consist of two talks from people with expertise in the field followed by questions & discussion. The attendance at the workshops will be limited to allow for in-depth discussion & networking. When you register for the meeting you will be able to rank your choices for which workshops you would like to attend.

The scientific sessions will start in the morning on the 13th of November and will finish by lunchtime on the 14th of November and will be attended by all meeting participants. In addition to the topics covered during the workshops, the scientific sessions will include talks covering Drug Design Case Studies, Membrane Proteins & Hot Structures, Fragment Based Drug Design and Emerging Techniques & Software.

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